Founded in 1978, Sparmax was one of the first to design and manufacture oil-less mini air compressors specifically for the airbrush market. With numerous patented designs, we have been at the forefront of designing & manufacturing compressors, airbrushes, and related accessories for 30+ years. And over the years we have collaborated with some of the top companies & brands in the world to bring you quality, industry-leading products for airbrushing.

    One of many examples, Sparmax was a pioneer in the use of palm-sized compressors for various airbrush applications, including airbrush makeup. Our DC-25 palm-sized compressor paired with our SP-35 airbrush – a special design that enables superior spray quality under low pressures – helped to revolutionize the airbrush industry. In addition to compressors and airbrushes, Sparmax has also introduced a number of innovative airbrush accessories into the market. Our patented airbrush cleaning pot is one of the most popular cleaning pots in the world. And our SilverBullet mini moisture trap, also patented, is the first airbrush moisture trap that uses a true filter to achieve water filtration equivalent to the capabilities of the larger moisture traps typically attached directly to your compressor.

Whether you are a beginner, experienced enthusiast, or professional; whether you airbrush canvases, RC models, cakes, signs, cars, or people; Sparmax has the right compressors, airbrushes, and accessories for you.

Company   Sparmax’s parent company is Ding Hwa Co. Ltd. Ding Hwa Co., Ltd is located in Taiwan, with its headquarters in Taipei and two manufacturing plants in central Taiwan. Many of you may know Sparmax as the corporate brand of Ding Hwa Co., Ltd. However, in 2013 a decision was made for Ding Hwa Co.,Ltd to adopt a new corporate brand, DHCL Group, in order to allow the Sparmax brand increased time and energy to focus on the airbrush market. The Sparmax brand now becomes one of three divisions of DHCL Group, with a second division, Cliq, focused on the medical market, and a third, DHCL Solutions, focused on our compressor and vacuum pump businesses in all other markets. Ding Hwa Co., Ltd. (DHCL Group) is ISO9001, ISO13485, and ISO14001 certified by TUV Rheinland. Products with CSA, UL, CE, PSE, and TUV GS approvals.

Quality   DHCL Group prides itself in designing and manufacturing products of the highest quality. In addition to the airbrush market, we also design and manufacture products for the medical industry. And the very same attention to detail and disciplined processes used for the development and production of our medical products are used by Sparmax to design and manufacture the compressors, airbrushes, and accessories that you use for airbrushing. Sparmax is most certainly quality that you can trust.

If you are looking for our medical products, please visit our Cliq Medical website.

If you are interested in compressors or vacuum pumps for other applications, please visit us at DHCL Solutions.



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