Designed to meet your most basic airbrushing needs, the Discover series are user-friendly compressors which meet the essentials needed to explore world of airbrushing. Acclimatize yourself to airbrushing with these maintenance-free and easy-to-store mini compressors.

Designed with airbrush enthusiasts in mind, our powerful and compact Achieve series offer the perfect maintenance-free systems for airbrushing. From having coherent pressure gauges giving accurate feedback on usage, to ergonomically built-in airbrush holders, take your work to the next level. With a variety of fitted designs or packaged accessories, the Achieve series offers comprehensive airbrushing systems to unleash your passion.

Our professional grade compressors, the Inspire series offer unrivaled performance and usability. All of our Inspire series compressors come equip with an air tank to enhance their performance by reducing pulsations in airflow and decreasing stress on the motor. Additional features such as multiple air outlets and holders help to make the Inspire series the most versatile selection of compressors for airbrushing.

Aimed at the beauty and cosmetics market, the Inspire Beauty series was designed to give make-up artists the medium to showcase their talents. From convenient briefcase sets to ergonomic mini air compressors, Inspire Beauty allows you to accessorize yourself for any situation.


The Arism compressor embodies the philosophy of Sparmax; raising performance and rising above expectations through continuous improvement and unwavering quality. Reliable and functionally versatile, this innovative model exceeds the performance of similar sized compressors.

The Smart Stop is a patented feature from Sparmax which allows control of the compressor through a simple and intuitive action - a sensor pauses the compressor when the airbrush is placed into the holder, and restarts when the airbrush is removed. Find models with Smart Stop here.


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