Product description

The ARISM VIZ incorporates two new and patented designs from SPARMAX, the Smart Stop and the Silver Bullet Plus, which are superior to those existing in the market.

The ARISM VIZ compressor has the special features below:

*DC motor, translates into you can use it anywhere in the world, just need to get a plug adapter if necessary!

*Compact and relatively light weight, fits perfectly in your suitcase.

*Option to run with rechargeable battery packs sold separately

*Low power consumption

*Quiet operation

See and listen to the ARISM VIZ in action yourself at (

Don’t miss the opportunity to be the first in your circle to own and experience the ARISM VIZ – the start of a new generation.

| Zero- maintenance, oil-less piston air compressor
| Preset maximum pressure: 50 psi
| Equipped with Silver Bullet Plus airbrush moisture trap
| 2M Braided hose
| Detachable airbrush holder
| Detachable power cord & plug: 100-240V 
| Pressure gauge

Product detail
16 - 18 lpm
2.5 kgs / 5.5 lbs
L20 x W12 x H18 cm



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