Smart Stop
Product description

Incorporating our patented Smart-Stop, the Zeta is the most powerful model amongst those that are equipped with this latest feature. 

The Smart Stop Hanger Set can be conveniently clamped onto the compressor’s steel case or onto the edge of a table or workstation depending on preference, and the hanger fits most SPARMAX airbrushes.

An ideal unit and work horse for any airbrush enthusiast.

Watch a demonstration here.

l Zero-maintenance, oil-less piston air compressor

l Preset maximum pressure: 60psi

l 2M braided hose

l 4M PU curly hose

l Smart Stop airbrush hanger

l Pressure regulator/moisture filter & gauge set

l Suitable for general arts, hobby, makeup, nail art, body art & temporary body tattoo

Product detail
14 - 18 lpm
4.6 kgs / 10 lbs
L24 x W14 x H21.5 cm


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