Airbrush Adaptors
Product description

We understand that different airbrush brands use different sized fittings, our airbrush adaptors are an easy solution to consolidate your tools so the focus is on your work, as it should be! Various fittings available for easy conversion.

Available in following adaptor sizes:

| M4 x P0.7

| 1/4" x P40

| ø5 x P0.45

| 1/8 PS female  x 1/4 PS male

| 1/8 PS male x 1/4 PS female


  • Sparmax airbrush adaptor
  • Sparmax airbrush adaptor 1/8 PS to 1/4 PS
  • Sparmax airbrush adaptor 1/8 PS male to 1/4 PS female


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