Air Tank Systems
Product description

A non-intrusive method of enhancing the performance of your compressor. When paired with an auto ON/OFF switch, saves energy by reducing power consumption. Provides greater control in airflow and greatly reduces pulsations and wear on the motor. Also serves as a large moisture trap to provide users with dryer air. We would recommend users drain the tank of water daily, after each use.

Available in following models; see slide photos for details

| 650 cc

| 2.5 Liter

| 3.5 Liter

| 5.3 Liter


  • Sparmax 650 cc air tank system
  • Sparmax 2.5 Liters air tank system
  • Sparmax 3.5 Liters air tank system
  • Sparmax 5.3 liters air tank system


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